Specials – The Caribe Vegan


Happy Hour 


Dominican Ex husband - SF $4

salami, cheese, sweet plantain. Topped with island sauce

Pina Colada - $3

Simmered pineapples in a coconut sauce topped with powdered sugar


Tacos -

Choice of flour or corn tortillas 3 for $10  

Jackfruit Pernil - soy free


Spicy Pineapple jackfruit soy free

Steak & mushroom can be made soy free - $1

Crispy Mangu minis $12


Fried chkn

Salami in sauce


Taco Tuesday 

Tacos - choice of flour or corn tortillas 3 for $10

-Jackfruit Pernil - SF


-Spicy Pineapple jackfruit soy free

-Steak & mushroom

-Latin Herb marinated "shrimp" - soy free

Birria jackfruit - $12 for 3 


Enchiladas $14- SF

Jackfruit Pernil - marinated jackfruit, black beans, peppers and onions rolled in a tortilla with green sauce and cheese


Chorizo - Tvp with mushroom mix, cooked with potatoes, peppers and onions, rolled with tortillas and covered with red sauce and cheese