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Meet Mel

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Meet Mel

My career in the culinary industry was serendipitous. I thought I was funny, so my goal was to be a comedic writer in New York. However, I could not pay my bills with my opinion of how hilarious I was at the time. Thus, like many, I entered the service industry and let me tell you I was a horrible waitress. Luckily,  thanks to my gift of gab and dedication to service, I was able to secure a management position at a high end lounge in Washington Heights. There, I was able to see people who look like me create dishes that in my mind were magical. 

They took my cultural foods that resonated with my childhood and turned it into art. At that point, I fell in love. I was in love with the madness, the food, and the dedication. Unfortunately, I got really sick with multiple sclerosis and I thought those dreams were out of reach until I realized I was simply redirected. Veganism saved my life and I wanted to know everything about it. I practiced and practiced and was able to open a food truck! I have been open for three years now simply changing the minds of others one plate at a time. Now I am focusing my efforts to meet you where you are- your home. I developed a variety of products that take the guesswork out of veganism. My ultimate goal is to help people change their diet while it's a choice and not an obligation.